MacCoffee comes to Moldova from the factory in Ukraine

In Nov, 20, 2011 there was an official opening of the first Food Empire factory in Ukraine, which produces MacCoffee products. All the products are made in accordance with international standards for quality and technology.Due to its high standards the factory is qualified to provide its products not only to Ukraine but also to other countries.


Products of «Food Empire Holdings Limited» are exported to more than 60 countries of the world

Food Empire has 18 representatives and regional offices around the world. Currently «Food Empire Holdings Limited» owns 9 factories (in India, Malaysia, Myanma, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam). The Group makes more than 320 types of products.


In April 2000 the company became a part of Food Empire Holding

In April 2000 the company became a part of Food Empire Holding, shares of which were listed on Singapore Stock Exchange in the same year. Thanks to Food Empire Holdings and its founder Tan Wang Chu the world found out that coffee could be not only roasted, instant or in beans, but also it can instant with sugar and cream at the same time.


MacCoffee Story

Brand «MacCoffee» appeared at the end of 1980s and it was invented by Tan Wang Chu. Talented businessman faced the situation that it is not that easy to enjoy a cup of invigorating coffee with cream. At the same time the pace of life was increasing. As a result of the desire to enjoy the ideal combination of coffee, cream and sugar anytime and anywhere, we have developed a product which is both fast and easy to prepare.