Celebrating Café PHO's 5 Years of Success

Celebrating the 5-year journey of MacCoffee Café PHO and a brand new campaign launch. Miss Universe Vietnam, H'Hen Niê, was also announced as the Goodwill Ambassador of Café PHO's new campaign. Through these 5 years, the solid and continuous growth of Café PHO has exceeded expectations, clinching the top 5 leading brands in the instant coffee segment in Vietnam


MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino

Cappuccino di Torino was introduced in Russia and achieved tremendous success within a short period of time, making it one of the biggest breakthrough among coffee drinks. With a high-quality taste, original packaging presentation, and intriguing design, MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino is a rapid-growing success and has become one of the hot favorites among consumers in Russia and abroad.


Awarded to PRODUCT OF THE YEAR award (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

MacCoffee has not only won the hearts of consumers, it also has gained the respect of leading retailers as a trustworthy brand. MacCoffee was awarded the Product of the Year by the National Trade Association in Russia. This prestigious award is conferred to the ultimate leaders of the market only.


Launch of new product, MacCoffee Café PHO (Vietnamese Street Iced Coffee)

MacCoffee Café PHO Iced Coffee was launched in Vietnam. Within 3 years of launch, the product became a favorite among local consumers and quickly gained success. The product was a result of careful study and evaluation based on the taste profile and product positioning in the Vietnam market. In recent years, the product has expanded into other markets including the Central Asia and North America regions.


Launch of the brand new freeze-dried GOLD/ARABICA 3in1 product

The new MacCoffee Gold 3in1 product was recognised by the National Trade Association as one of the most outstanding product and clinched the 'Innovative Product of the Year' award in this highly competitive category.


Opening of factory in Ukraine

Another milestone was achieved for MacCoffee with the launch on the manufacturing facility in Ukraine to improve operations and production processes within the region. All products are made in accordance with international standards for quality and technology.


2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 National Brand award

Since 2011, MacCoffee has been awarded the renowned National Brand Award in Russia for being one of the best coffee brand in the coffee drinks category.


Development of freeze-dried coffee

MacCoffee took its product development to the next level and launched its freeze-dried coffee range. MacCoffee GOLD, ARABICA and PREMIUM were introduced alongside the other popular brands and quickly won the recognition and the hearts of consumers who are fans of black coffee.


MacCoffee has been acknowledged as a Superbrand in Russia.

One of the most respectable rating campaigns that evaluates the best brands in the world has acknowledged MacCoffee as a Superbrand in celebration of over a decade of success in the Russian market.


Opening of factory in Russia

The launch of our local manufacturing facitlity has strengthened the company's market presence, sped up operations and product development processes, enabling our products to reach shops quicker and giving us an edge in introducing our product range as we catered to the demands and taste profile of Russian consumers. "


The Establishment of Binh Duong Factory, Vietnam

Binh Duong factory was established in 2005, its products are mainly exported to Eastern Europe and Asia markets.


The beginning of a long-term cooperation with the ISU (International Skating Union) under the Europe and World Figure Skating Championships.

The avid support of MacCoffee has become significant for the ISU and it marked the beginning of a long-standing history of collaboration between our brand and one of the most prestigious sports.


The product MacCoffee Strong was awarded the 2003 EFFIE Award for outstanding brand creation and development.

The MacCoffee Strong advertising campaign was such a great success that this product became the second favorite among the consumers after MacCoffee Original, especially among fans of strong coffee.


2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 THE CHOICE OF THE YEAR award

MacCoffee clinched "The Choice of the Year" award each year from 2001 to 2005, achieving first place in the best coffee drink category. In 2002, MacCoffee bagged the prestigious "Golden Trademarks" National Award in Ukraine.


The first-of-its-kind advertising campaign started to expand into the regions.

The first MacCoffee video advertisement became one of the most memorable. The motto ""Sugar, cream and coffee are fine - this is the harmony of MacCoffee"" still etches in the consumers' minds despite it being over 30 years old.


MacCoffee launch in Ukraine and Kazakhstan

The success of MacCoffee expanded into Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Within a short period of time, MacCoffee became a household coffee brand in these regions.


Introduction of MacCoffee in Vietnam

MacCoffee 3 in 1 was imported into Vietnam and became one of the first instant coffee product in Vietnam.


Launch of the MacCoffee brand in Russia.

For the first time in Russia, Food Empire began selling an absolutely new coffee drink, MacCoffee, bearing the prominent eagle logo. Since then, it became consumers' favorite drink and remains the best-selling coffee in Russia today.