Direct deliveries from the Russian factory

Cooperation with a regional manufacturer will reduce the lead time from factory to shelves, and will also allow to start production of larger quantities of products, which will be adapted to the needs and preferences of the Kazakhstani buyer 


MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino

A new product for Kazakhstan has achieved high results in the shortest period of time. Simply it is a breakthrough in the category of mox coffee drinks. Thanks to its taste, unique presentation and intriguing design.


Now we are "2 in 1"

The new MacCoffee Light 2 in 1 has strengthened the company's position on the market, as it has no competitors at all. The category of sublimated coffee with the brands ARABICA and AROMIO has grown to a new level.


Service product - "Express"

Development continues, now the company offers a ready-made business for outlets. Already beloved coffee can be purchased in stores at home in hot form. The program gained particular popularity among students, thanks to the geolocation map and active support in all channels.


Motivational program - "Ambassador"

Brand Ambassador is a person who represents the interests aof the company via different activities. The MacCoffee company is an innovator, dedicating partners and employees to the Ambassadors, a person who knows everything about the brand and products, appreciates their taste, and shares the acquired information.


The first unique advertising campaign

The first marketing campaigns are united by the slogan "# quick and tasty", which reflects the company mission : creatinon and distribution of convenient and high-quality products to change the world for the better place, helping to save time for valuable matters, meetings and friendship.


The beginning of freeze coffee category development

MacCoffee goes to the next level and starts producing freeze-dried coffee. GOLD brand is standing next to other popular brands and quickly gaining recognition of all coffee lovers. In addition, the consumer has access to a new unique product RTD (iced coffee).


The pack design restyling

The beloved drink has acquired a new pack design. The taste of your favorite coffee, of course, has not changed and still remains the best-selling coffee in Kazakhstan.


The beginning of the brand in Kazakhstan.

For the first time in Kazakhstan, Food Empire began selling a brand 3 in 1 coffee drink with the catchy eagle and flag design.